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Elevating Your Cannabis Experience With Glass Accessories

While there are new and unique materials and options for bongs, chillums, bangers, beakers, pipes, rigs, and bubblers, there's a reason people have been using glass to make all of these items for decades. Understanding how glass accessories work and their strengths over accessories made from other materials will help you make more informed purchasing decisions when you’re on the lookout for a new bong. If you haven’t smoked out of both glass and metal you might not know it, but you really can taste the metal when you’re smoking out of a metal accessory, and that isn’t the case with glass.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Don’t let its hard exterior fool you, glass is a flexible material that can be tempered and molded to virtually any shape or form. There’s all kinds of glass as well, some are clear and allow you to see exactly what's going on inside your accessory, while others are stained or fully colored with unique designs or prints. Any kind of design or theme you can imagine is doable with glass. You want to smoke out of a dragon with a sword running through it? You can do that. Check out the robust selection we offer at our online glass accessories shop or any of our locations across the state of Texas.

Exceptional Thermal Medium

At Hazel Sky Smoke Shop, our glass accessories can withstand very high heat levels through direct or indirect heating. Even when exposed to high heat, glass does not emit or produce any smoke or chemicals, as can occur with cheap metals, plastics, and even wood accessories. Glass does a great job of retaining the heat and keeping it internal to the accessory instead of spreading it to your hands and burning you.

Easy to Clean

All smoking accessories need routine deep cleaning to stay safe for use and to maintain their performance. Glass is significantly easier to take care of than some alternate materials like plastics or metals. Glass is smooth throughout, but metals can get porous, meaning there are little pockets where bacteria can hide if you aren’t a thorough cleaner. Glass accessories can easily be cleaned with 99% isopropyl alcohol, which removes residue while also sanitizing the surface. For more information about the importance of cleaning, check out this blog over here. Glass cannabis accessories allow you to elevate the entire experience while investing in a quality smoking or dabbing device that will last for years.

As a leading online head shop, Hazel Sky Smoke Shop is your home for exceptional glass accessories and unbeatable paraphernalia.

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