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What To Know Before Buying A Dab Rig

There are many different ways to enjoy cannabis. Traditionally, smoking flower was the most common method, but today people are more concerned about the health impacts of smoking and are turning to dabbing as a healthier alternative.

Dabbing involves using a concentrate and applying it to a nail to superheat and produce vapors that are inhaled. In this way, it is similar to vaping, but there is no vape juice required, allowing the user to choose the strain, type of concentrate, and to control the entire process from start to finish.

Consider the Material

A glass dab rig is a great option for experienced cannabis enthusiasts and those new to dabbing. Glass is easy to clean, does not produce any fumes or leach any materials, and glass dab rigs range from low-cost and basic to custom rigs that are pieces of usable art.

Consider Portability and Size

Smaller, more compact and less ornate types of dab rigs are easier to travel with or use in multiple locations. In addition, choosing a dab rig that is smaller in size makes it easier to move without having to worry about breaking a part or component.


Dab rigs may be designed to come with everything needed, but some dabs come with accessories such as carb caps, which help to concentrate the flavors in a glass chamber before the heating process. There are also different shapes and options in bangers, also called dab nails, which are designed to heat the concentrate.

It is critical to consider the amount of concentrate needed for optimal use of the dab rig. For those enjoying cannabis only occasionally, a smaller rig is easier to clean and maintain, while regular users should look for efficiency to get the most out of their concentrate with each use.

At Hazel Sky Smoke Shop, we have a great selection of premium-quality dab rigs for sale. Let us know if you have any questions about our selection or which dab rig might be best for you! Our experienced glass accessories shop will point you in the right direction whether you’re new to the world of dabbing or an experienced enthusiast.

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