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Basically Perfect! (Basic Diffuser)

Basically Perfect! (Basic Diffuser)


Yeah thats what we call it.

It's basically perfect.

Since diffusion is necessary to create a smoother smoke, you will find many water pipes, bubblers and more that have basic diffusers as their only perc. Basic diffusers come in many shapes and styles, but most commonly will be located at the end of a down stem and appear as a single, or series of, holes or slits.

Some basic diffusers may be incorporated into part of the peice and not be removable. In this situation, the perc may be fused to the bottom of the piece as well. This is great for durablity and can sometimes be fashioned into a cool design.

Other basic diffusers may be added to a downstem that is removable. Often times this is prefered for ease of cleaning. Having a removable downstem also makes it easier to replace a broken part, rather than having to say goodbye to a faithful piece.

Why buy a basic diffuser?
These little basic guys are great rigs.

While simple, when using concentrates, sometimes simple is better. The less filtration you put your concentrate hits through, the more flavor to savor! For dry herb users, this perc is easy to fit into smaller more discreet pieces. 

Check out this Aqua Mini Beaker & Empire Mushroom Recycler that both feature the basic diffuser. Small and compact, these peices are perfect as a daily driver!

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