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Dial in the perfect hit with Octave Terp Timer

Dial in the perfect hit with Octave Terp Timer

Using your rig and enjoying concentrates should be a breeze, not a wheeze.
No one likes a hit that burns the back of your chest because it was too hot. We certainly do not like to waste a hit because it was too cold, risking a hot hit through a reheat.
There is a solution though!
While everyone knows the old fashion temperature gauging of putting your wrist over the banger and trying to see what heat you can feel, it’s not the most accurate read of what you’re taking your hit at. It may work for baby bottles, but your concentrate hits need more.
 We introduce the Octave Terp Timer, made to add ease and comfort to every hit you take.
The Octave terp timer is a wireless desktop thermal sensor that allows you to read the exact temperature of your banger when using concentrates.
 It may seem like it’s not that important to take accurately temped hits, but different cannabinoids vaporize at varying temperatures. Some even vaporize to quickly to be utilized by your body when smoked at higher temperatures. When you get into higher quality concentrates you will notice a difference in taste. Those bountiful flavors are because of the terpenes that naturally occur or are added into concentrates.
 Terpenes are naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in most plants creating the plants smell. They also have health benefits to them and tend to change the way your concentrates will affect you through the entourage effect. Terpenes however do begin to degrade at higher temperatures making it beneficial to temp your banger and ensure you can take it at a lower temperature and get the full effect of the terpenes.

 (Functionality video of Octave Terp Timer Shared by @octave_higtech on instagram) 

 The Octave is different from other devices on the market because of its portable size for easy travel. It also has a larger internal battery than its competitors, which gives you about 2-3 months between each charge. It also has a magnetic base making it easy to place and without having to worry about falling or knocking anything else over. Use this strong magnet to get your octave at the perfect angle to read your banger.

Myster, the manufacturer of Octave Terp Timers, made this awesome video with detailed instructiions on how to use the device! 

Since the Octave has come out, it has gone through some big changes!

Myster is now introducing Version 1.2 with 3 added features...

  1. Color changing screen
  2. Embossed magnetic base
  3. Improved UI

The Terp Timer is a desktop wireless thermal sensor that allows you to dial in the exact temperature when concentrating!

Now available in two special edition collaborations!

Enjoy learning more about the Octave Terp timer? Learn even more with Hazel Sky EDU through our new educational blog posts!! Questions? Drop them in the comments below to start a conversation!

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